audiovisual performance with machine learning

Inspired by the writings of Donna Haraway, Manuel DeLanda and the notion of ecological mysticism, Unsculpt explores speculative architectures and ecosystems created from the assemblage of human and machine agencies. Generated with artificial intelligence, hybrid landscapes of vegetal and human constructions emerge as fragments of dreams, faded postcards from an imagined future.


mixed media installation and video

Ancillary Glow proposes a collection of hybrid still lifes: virtual and physical assemblages of abstract forms, technological artifacts and inorganic textures. It explores the concept of “vibrant matter”, the affordances of different materials, living and non-living, and their potential for shifting between states of becoming.

L'ALTER-MONDE (2019-2020)

fulldome audiovisual work w/ Sandrine Deumier

L’alter-monde is an immersive audiovisual project for fulldome format. Evocation of a cybernetic garden designed in multiple scenes, this work contemplates a potential symbiosis between the human being and a state of rediscovered nature. Through ecosophy and inter-species mutualism, it explores the possibility of identifying ourselves with a mutant nature, a plant-becoming state or the experience of infra-human lives.

In search of a bio-sensitivity - a non-human / hyper-natural sensitivity.

ETERNITY BE KIND (2018-2020)

audiovisual performance w/ LaTurbo Avedon

In Eternity Be Kind, Bleau and Avedon expose how performance spaces are socially and culturally codified and suggests a different future for personal and musical representation. Navigating between hyper-pop, mythical symbolism and baroque stylings, the artists craft a multilayered experience of collective mise en abyme — narratives within narratives, images within images, in infinite recursion.


audiovisual performance

Ballistics is an audiovisual performance for pendulum interfaces drawing inspiration from pop culture science fiction and mysticism. The wireless luminous objects are equipped with motion sensors allowing for handheld manipulations, spins and large oscillations. An exercise in sonifying sharp movements and pendulum physics, this performance uses digital modular synthesis to reveal a corroded textural landscape of uneven rhythms.


interactive sound installation

Stories of Mechanical Music is a music box. A side crank activates its rotation, modulating the playback speed and direction of a musical composition. The design of the overall shape is based on the amplitude profile of the sound and induces ondulating patterns when in motion. The project was turned into a triptych in 2019.


video triptych / variable duration

Still Life. Three video loops of different lengths show variations on a slow progression towards destruction. The moments of rupture unevenly ponctuate the passage of time as the videos phase in and out.

SOFT REVOLVERS (2014/2017)

audiovisual performance

Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica 2015

Soft Revolvers is an audiovisual performance for 4 spinning tops built with clear acrylic by the artist. Each top is associated with an ‘instrument’ in an electronic music composition and the motion data collected by sensors – placed inside the tops – informs musical algorithms. With their large circular spinning bodies and their role as music playing devices, the interfaces strongly evoke turntables and DJ culture, hip hop and dance music. LEDs placed inside the tops illuminate the body of the objects in a precise counterpoint to the music, creating stunning spinning halos.

AUTOPSY.GLASS (2015-2016)

audiovisual performance

autopsy.glass is an audiovisual performance that explores the sonic, visual and symbolic potential of the wine glass. Through live manipulations, sometimes delicate, sometimes violent, the performer composes a musical and luminous scene made out of resonances and debris, catalyzing that peculiar tension associated with anticipated destruction.


audiovisual performance / installation

Photomaton is a sound installation for three incandescent light bulbs, whose variable intensity is orchestrated with the music. The bulbs are mechanically actuated allowing them to oscillate in a pendulum effect and change height. The piece explores failure and strangeness using 'glitches', electricity, 'hums' and 'buzzes' and pure sinusoids. The small number of lights emphasizes each bulb’s individuality and the narrative aspect of the work.

Photomaton was presented at Eastern Bloc for Data: Salon / October 2013.